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New Inventions in field of Science and Technology

This latest science invention is a spray-on invisible thin glass coating that sterilizes, protects and strengthens surfaces.
The coating also repels water, dirt, stains, mildew, fungus, bacteria and viruses.
A liquid coating invented at the Saarbrücken Institute for New Materials in Turkey and patented by Nanopool GmbH of Germany, is a flexible and breathable spray-on glass film.
The film is approximately 100 nanometres thick (500 times thinner than a human hair) and has multiple applications and uses in numerous fields.
The coating is environmentally friendly (Winner of the Green Apple Award).
latest science inventionsIt can be applied within seconds to make any surface very easy to clean and safe from anti-microbes (Winner of the NHS Smart Solutions Award).
The special glass coating known as "SiO2 ultra-thin layering" protects practically any surface against water, uv radiation, dirt, heat, acid, stains, mildew, fungus. bacteria and viruses.
Trials by food processing plants in Germany have concluded that surfaces coated with liquid glass only need hot water for cleaning. In fact, the coating provided higher levels of sterility than surfaces cleaned with bleach or other chemicals.
A year long trial at a British hospital in Southport, Lancashire is to be published soon with very promising results for a wide range of coating applications used on medical equipment, implants, catheters, sutures and bandages.
Trials for in-vivo applications are confidential, but Neil McClelland, the UK Project Manager for Nanopool GmbH, describes the results as "stunning".
"Items such as stents can be coated, and this will create anti sticking features. Catheters and sutures which are a source of infection, will also cease to be problematic," he says.
Colin Humphreys, a professor of materials science at Cambridge University, commented that liquid glass appears to have a wide range of applications and that the product 'looks impressive'.

The investment opportunities for this latest science invention seem endless - buildings, vehicles, appliances, clothing etc. can have dirt and germ free surfaces without using toxic coatings or chemicals.

Sources: nanopool.eu;dailymail.co.uk

Building Human Organs

latest science inventionsOganovo is a company based in San Diego, California.
Their latest science invention is a technology (novogen) which allows living tissue cells to be assembled into patterns and complex structures, such as organs.
Organovo has partnered with Invetech. a company based in Australia, to develop a bio-printer.
The device prints (places) human cells in a three-dimensional matrix to construct human tissue.
"Building human organs cell-by-cell was considered science fiction not that long ago," says Fred Davis of Invetech.
Currently, the bio-printer can grow blood vessels.
It is anticipated that within five years the device will construct arteries and by 2020 sophisticated organs will be built by the device.

Source: organovo.com
Photo: Organovo

Glass Nanobots Absorb Toxins

latest science inventionsnanobot particle made from glass is being developed that can absorb pollutants from contaminated water.
The glass particles act like sponges by attracting and binding contaminants to themselves and expanding eight times in size during the process.
But unlike a sponge, these nanobots are hydrophobic, meaning they don't absorb water.
Scientists claim this new technology could be used to clean petroleum spills or other hazardous chemicals from our waterways. After the particles are dropped into the water, they collect pollutants and then rise to the surface when fully expanded. The particles are then skimmed from the surface, cleaned and placed back into the water to repeat the process.

Source: absmaterials.com

Water Drop Lens 

science-inventionsPhysicist and inventor, Bruno Berge, has created a liquid optical lens.
Using a process known as electro-wetting, a water drop is deposited on a metal substrate and covered by a thin insulating layer. When a voltage is applied to the metal, it modifies the angle of the liquid drop.
The liquid lens is comprised of two liquids, water and oil, one is a conductor while the other is an insulator. A variation in the voltage causes a change to the curvature of the liquid to liquid interface, which changes the focal length of the lens.
The use of liquids allows for low cost construction. There are no moving parts and electrical consumption is extremely low. The lens has a large inverse focal length range, quick response, high optical quality and can operate in a wide temperature range.

Pictures | 10 worst inventions produced by Apple

Famous for the "Apple" inventions brilliant like "iPhone" and "iPad", but the company were not always on the road to success, as some of its products did not work or find acceptance among users, and remind you here 10 worst inventions produced by the company.

1 - "iPod Hi-Fi" is a very elegant design, but failed to provide the sound quality offered by rivals.

2 - mouse "Hockey buck," which was released for the first time with the devices "Mac" but its design was not suitable for use.

3 - TV "Mac", which was launched in 1993 but has been selling 10,000 units of it all.

4 - Platform Games "Pippin," which was produced in partnership with the company, "Panday" was sold about 42,000 units to stop him before his release in 1997, a year after its launch.

5 - "Apple 3", which was launched after the success of "Apple 2", was summoned 14,000 units from the market.

6 - PDA, which was produced in 1987 and remained available on the market 11 years ago to stop its production.

7 - "Apple Kwik Tek," which was one of the first digital cameras that have been produced, has been issued for the markets in 1994 and until 1997 only.

8 - "Macintosh Portable" Laptop is the first issued by the "Apple" but it was very expensive compared to where it was sold to $ 7300, in addition to problems in the battery.

9 - Cubic Energy elegant "Mac G4", which was launched in 2000, but the price was high, where it was available versus $ 1799, as it did not contain an internal ventilation.

10 - Telephone "Rucker E-1," which was the first phone to run allows "iTunes", but it was slow in the transfer of data, in addition to the small storage area.

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